East Coast Babe
i always follorw back <3
valentines day is my birthday :* ; little town in PA ; Creative ; giggly ; cheerleader ; born in long island ; soccer ; obsessed wit MAC MILLER ; lacrosse ; boys ; TEA is my favorite ; fb ask for it ; iPhone ask for the numba (; ; computer; friends ; renegade ; musiccc <3 ; photography ; partying ; beer pong champ ; beach ; smiling ; clouds ; hearts ; stars ; some what family ; livinn' easy :* ; being RECKLESS <3
East Coast Babe

she’s my fave &lt;3


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i saw these two girls while riding a gondola in venice. they were smoking and chatting on their windowsill, waving at passing boats. i thought they were incredibly lucky; i would love to share an apartment with my friend or sister in the most romantic, magical place in the world. it would be like living a dream.